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this is a post for you sarah


@12:38am on 14 Jul2+

it’s weird looking through my older posts on here, seeing where I was mentally when I wrote them
I’m so mad that I spent so long absolutely hating everything about myself

@1:20am on 17 May1+


no yeah okay i’m gonna be real
this is the most me irl thing i have ever seen on tumblr

@8:49pm on 16 May74099+

nothing has changed really but it feels like everything has

@8:26pm on 16 May1+



heeellooooo my love ;)

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@2:05am on 14 May9609+
fall out boy;  

The Maple Leaf, to us, was the badge of courage, the badge that meant home. It was the badge that reminded us of all our exploits and the different difficulties we got into, and the different accomplishments that we made.

It was a badge that meant more to us than any other badge that we could think of, so we chose it, hoping that the possession of this badge would mean something to the team that wore it, and when they skated out on the ice with this badge on their chest, they would wear it with honour and pride and courage, the way it had been worn by the soldiers of the first Great War in the Canadian Army.

Conn Smythe on re-naming the Toronto St. Pats. (via hockey-time-machine)
@11:04pm on 30 Apr56+
toronto maple leafs;  
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